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The Event Pulse Process

At Event Pulse we are experts in making your event the best it can possibly be and our combined skills and experience achieve exactly that.

Our aim is simple – to engage your delegates for the longest period of time possible and to streamline and reduce your administration process.

This allows our clients to concentrate on the content and creativity of their event and ensures delegates have a rewarding and engaging experience, underpinned by innovative and memorable event technology.

We break our solutions down into 3 key areas; Pre, During and Post.


We start by reviewing the aims and objectives for your event and build our solution around your business, your strategy and your marketing plan. Typically this part of the journey will include the creation of a registration site, the launch of an app and the identification of additional, appropriate event technology.

We create a marketing plan, tailored to your needs that pushes content to your delegates in the weeks and months leading up to your event. This period is key to building excitement, anticipation and getting everybody ready for the event itself.

During your event

So to the big day… Your delegates will be ready and excited for what the day has in store and our mission is to make sure your event is an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends and your digital solution achieves its objectives. We do this by making your Event Technology solution integral to your event.

This will include; the briefing of registration staff to make sure everyone who attends knows the role technology will play on the day. Showing a short, 60-second film to guide your delegates through using and getting the most from your event technology. Briefing your speakers to make your app or digital solution part of their presentations. Encouraging audience interaction and the use of social features. And of course by providing expert on-site support to assist anyone who needs help. We also monitor your event analytics on the day – following user habits to tailor your solution in real time.


So you’ve had the best conference or event ever, your teams are thoroughly motivated and aligned with your vision. What next? This is where the true power of Event Pulse solutions come into their own, by extending the life of your event and in turn your marketing messages for months after the day itself. In fact many of our client’s are still using Event Pulse solutions up to the day of the same event the following year – testament to its power.

We can push content to all your delegates from the moment your event finishes – increasing completion rates and accuracy; including feedback surveys, ratings and reviews. This data allows you to gauge the success of your event and in addition harness the power that social peer-to-peer engagement has in helping your business achieve its goals.




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