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Webinar Software & Technology

The most difficult obstacle for any webinar event is giving the audience a consistent, uninterrupted experience. Until now it’s been difficult for webinar organisers to distribute their presentations, encourage audiences to feedback and be able to receive requests in a manageable way.

Amplifying the experience

Event Pulse offers event technology and software for webinars that is built on the foundation of our innovative interactive technology offering. In addition to live data collection functionality, we provide real time, replicated presentations on each user’s device, with the ability for them to highlight and make notes over each slide.

What it means for you...

Imagine your webinar event, streamed around the globe with your audience immersed in the experience, slide by slide, giving their input as it happens. As with our interactive presentation service, we also offer an optional feature to allow your delegates to take the presentation away with them afterwards (subject to presenter authorisation).

Slides can also be shared live (subject to presenter authorisation) as they happen over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter; immediately adding extra numbers to your organic audience.