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Interactive Solutions

We don’t believe the fourth wall theory applies to events. There is nothing more impactful than a presenter posing a question live, the audience responding in real-time and results instantaneously displayed on-screen for all to see. We also don’t believe this technology should cost the earth.

What We Offer

The Event Pulse interactive solutions allow audience voting, polling and live-feedback at your event, with minimal financial investment. Our native Apple and Android application, complete with HTML5 fallback, enables you to run a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) event where users interact with your presentations. They can vote, comment, view the slides in real-time, make notes and even take away slides (subject to presenter approval) from the comfort of their own tablet or smartphone device.

Returning On Objectives

Regardless of size, a key objective for most events is to collect some form of data. Whether it’s event feedback surveys or capturing attendee information, data collection sits close to the heart of every event.

Getting feedback post-event can be a chore – often resulting in completion rates below 50% and responses that aren’t as accurate as they could be. Through the use of our event technology solution – which prompts users for feedback and comments before they’ve left your event, we’ve seen completion rates rise by more than half and the quality of the feedback submitted benefiting from dramatic improvement too.


Event Pulse completion rates


normal completion rates