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Exhibition Event Technology

The Event Pulse solutions for exhibition event technology focus heavily on promotion and networking. Promotion and exposure at exhibitions is hugely important for brands and businesses; through the effective implementation of our event technology solutions, we provide a perfect platform to upsell greater and more direct exposure.

Why it's important to you...

Networking for exhibition attendees is invaluable. It keeps them abreast of industry developments and can generate new business leads, leading to business growth. The Event Pulse event technology compliments face-to-face meetings, allowing for leads to be easily saved to devices and pursued at a later point in time – just like a virtual business card!

Morphing the physical & the digital...

Our exhibition solutions involve small devices that each user is given at registration. The devices emit a small Bluetooth pulse, allowing for the collection of data easily and efficiently through each user’s exhibition journey. We setup interactive touch points around your event to allow files, videos and even music to be added to your device.

All data and contacts are instantly available through our ‘instant synchronisation’ service, either on our native phone app or online when back at the office – meaning user’s can interact with their content immediately.