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Event Technology

Mobile technology plays a huge part in every day life – whether it’s checking your Facebook profile, updating your Twitter status, or keeping on top of business through email; the use of smart phones, tablets and other portable technology has become a lifestyle essential. It’s also fast becoming an event essential too.

We are huge believers in using technology to enrich experiences and our range of services will do exactly that at your next event, whilst also streamlining your process as event organisers.

Whether you are staging a company conference or national exhibition, our teams are expert in harnessing the power of digital event technology to make for a more memorable, connected experience for your attendees – one that starts before and finishes well after the day itself and one that taps into the cultural revolution that mobile technology is responsible for.

Mobile Event Apps

Mobile event apps are the next big technology for events and event organisers. Our experience tells us that more and more clients are demanding an app for their event and we have hundreds of delegate testimonials endorsing the enriched, more engaging experience they help deliver. Our award winning Event Pulse service was recognised with a C&IT award in 2013 for the event app we created for the Shop Direct Annual Conference.

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Interactive Solutions

We firmly believe that interactive experiences creates stronger memories than passive experiences – there is nothing more impactful than a presenter posing a question live, the audience responding in real-time and results instantaneously displayed on-screen for all to see. We see the positive impact this approach to presenting has on audiences and the results it can help deliver. That’s why we are huge advocates of its use.

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Webinar Software & Technology

Webinars are a powerful way to connect people in all corners of the goal for a shared experience, whatever the continent. The advent of high-speed broadband and advancements in filming technology have removed many of the barriers associated with webinars. We not only stream our client’s events, but distribute their presentations, encourage audiences to feedback and facilitate requests in a manageable way.

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Exhibition Event Technology

Two huge focus areas for exhibition event technology are promotion and networking. Promotion and exposure at exhibitions is hugely important for brands and businesses as is the ability to exchange contact details with peers quickly and easily.

We can implement solutions to achieve both key objectives, harnessing the power of digital technology and the advantages it offers over traditional channels of communication.

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Registration Websites

At the heart of the Event Pulse team lies many years of experience in web design, web development and user experience consultation; experience we love to put to use in our event registration sites. We prefer to call our registration sites, ‘event hubs’ because we are huge believers that the most powerful events are those that start before and finish long after the event day itself. Our registration sites are the start of that user journey and can also be the home of rich, meaningful content post event too.

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Delegate Management

Our delegate management solutions are focused on streamlining your processes to give you more time to do what you do best – plan and run your event! Our range of Event Technology services covers delegate management for events of any scale – pre, post and during. This includes event registration, invitation emails, badge production and post-event analytics, insights and KPI reports. Our powerful, custom built administration portal, puts a powerful, user friendly interface at your fingertips, twenty four hours a day.

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