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Shop Direct

Shop Direct is the UK’s fourth largest online retailer. Given the leading role digital plays in the success of their business, the use of innovative technology at their events has always been high on the agenda.

Award winning results

We’ve delivered outstanding, award winning digital event technology solutions for Shop Direct over many years. This was first recognised in 2013 with a C&IT award for our custom-built event app. This featured personalised agendas, polling and a live twitter feed. Over the years our relationship has grown as our solutions have evolved, with each year surpassing the expectations and ROI of the last.

The complete digital solution

We provide a complete digital solution for Shop Direct’s annual conference. This includes a delegate management platform, to easily manage the registration progress – giving their events team powerful up to the minute data on the registration aspect of each event. At the heart of each event, lies our app which provides information on breakout rooms, guest speakers and an effective platform for social interaction – enhancing and extending the life of the event. This all helps to strengthen the message delivered and the longevity of its impact, with consistently impressive statistics being achieved - including 92.4% engagement