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Brakes is a leading European supplier to the catering industry with a passion for innovation, quality and service and these values carry across to the execution of their live events.

Tailored Solutions.

We’ve worked with Brakes’ for a number of years – improving their event processes for supplier events, internal events and training conferences. In 2015 alone, we produced three bespoke microsites, tailored to each individual department’s needs. These sites were used as hubs for the entire event experience, providing an easy to use platform for suppliers, staff and training programme members to access resources, register and update submitted data. The Brakes events team had access to our delegate management portal to easily track and download essential data to help with the organisation of their event.

More than a presentation

We’ve also delivered a number of effective interactive sessions to create a two-way dialogue between presenter and audience. These have proved to be very successful and have allowed audience members to use their devices to vote and interact with the sessions – increasing engagement levels and giving a sense of ownership to those in attendance.