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The rise of the BYOD event

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User on their iPad at a company conference

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) events are becoming more and more popular as event organisers look to invest more of their budget in technology software, rather than the hardware that it runs from. Cost savings aside, are the there downsides to a BYOD event for you and your attendees? We’ve investigated just that to try and provide some answers.

Due to the vast expansion and growth of technology over the last five years, it’s a rare circumstance in the modern working world to find employees without a smartphone or smart device of any sorts, which is in part why BYOD events are on the rise. Employees instinctively understand how their own device works, comprehend its functionality and know its limitations – this makes for a shallow learning curve for users but does it lead to all-round better results for organisers?

Although BYOD events work out as a cost effective implementation method, they do carry with them a set of risks – the most fundamental being compatibility with the event app software. For example, a user may have a legacy device such as an iPhone 3GS or HTC running Android 1. Users may class such devices as ‘smartphones’, but the developers behind the software don’t – causing big problems if there isn’t a fallback procedure in place to deal with this eventuality.

Security for older devices or modern ones without update software can also be a risk. Whilst company managed devices are regularly updated and maintained, there is no guarantee personal devices are kept up to date in the same way. This potentially leaves event organisers subject to questions around potential data loss.

The solution is to have a comprehensive plan or policy around your event technology. To maximise its purpose, you’ll require good, clear channels of communication between you and your technology provider to discuss your requirements and how data security and device degradation can be dealt with.

Ultimately, if it’s deemed too big a risk for your event or your client’s event to use the BYOD model, there’s an abundance of options available, including the hire of suitably up to date and secure smartphone and tablet devices.

Event Pulse solutions provide encrypted data transmissions from our EU & UK location servers, which are are regularly subjected to security tests by independent third-party suppliers. We pride ourselves on having clear, transparent channels of communication with all our clients. We assess your objectives and requirements before proposing the most effective event technology solution to help you achieve your ambitions.