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Real-time analytics for our registration microsites

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Event Pulse Analytics on a Macbook Pro

We love data! Put simply, meaningful data powers the world we live in and the decisions we make. We know that the registration and delegate management aspect of any event involves a lot of data and that’s why we’ve developed a platform to make light work of managing that data. Event Pulse Analytics is our bespoke analytics platform that underpins all our registration microsites; offering around-the-clock availability for clients to engage with and interact with – interrogating the data collected from previous, current and future event microsites.

On the back of strong results and feedback from our clients, we’ve developed a robust, secure platform built from the ground up with Event Managers in mind. Our wealth of events industry expertise means we know the challenges and demands on time, managing the registration process places on our clients teams.

That’s why, Event Pulse Analytics provides one central location for each event organiser’s entire events calendar streamlining the entire process. This means data from different events can be interrogated, cross-examined and compared to determine the effectiveness of strategies on an event-by-event basis. The Result? A better understanding of your audience and how they react and engage pre event and more hours back in your busy day.

Analytics export viewOne of the most powerful features is our exportable reporting system, providing instant up-to-the-minute data exports straight to Excel. This functionality was born out of our biggest challenge – namely that no two events are the same. Maybe your event provides accommodation, or you want to support delegate travel or perhaps allow delegates to vote for an awards nomination. Our challenge was to deliver tailored reports that can be utilised by every event, no matter the requirements. Our event-specific reports download in a styled Excel format so you can sort, refine and drill-down on your data quicker than ever with no need to import a file first.
Our overview analytics for each event provides real-time visual data – detailing microsite page views, registered vs un-registered comparisons as well as other useful KPIs, all condensed into easy to read, infographics. This means you don’t have to interpret an exported file and you can quickly get the information you need most in just a few clicks.

Analytics dashboard on iPadWe recently deployed a registration system powered by Event Pulse Analytics for Nationwide Building Society and it was met with glowing praise:
The registration site was incredibly user friendly from a delegate and organiser perspective. The delegates had everything they needed in one place (better than several emails!). From an organiser perspective we knew real time who had signed up, what day they were coming and how they were getting there… The event itself was a great success but in my opinion it was the digital offering that set it apart from other events. A new benchmark has been set!

We’re really proud of the work invested into get our analytics platform. The combination of 27-years of events-industry expertise combined with our strong-digital pedigree has formed an intuitive, simple and effective system that is proving month-by-month to be an indispensible tool to event organisers across the UK.

To learn more about our event registration microsites and discover how they can streamline the registration of your next event get in touch to speak to a member of the team.