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Event registration considerations

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Event attendees arrive at registration for their conference

Event registration is more often than not the first platform your delegates will use to engage and interact with your event; it’s your shop window and should be impactful, complementing your event identity, branding and message.  Whether it’s an open-door native app registration process, responsive microsite or engaging email invite – you want a solution that will save you time and money, whilst delivering the highest level of return possible – so we’ve detailed some serious considerations to make before you decide on your next solution.

Event registration microsites

One shoe does not fit all – it’s a mantra that is applicable to a range of scenarios, event registration being one of them.  From hosting environments, responsive degradation, aesthetics and security – it’s paramount that your microsite is built around your every need.  With non-desktop website traffic now having overtaken that of laptops and computers, it’s doubly important that your microsite is responsive to allow mobile and tablet users to get the same engaging experience.

The effectiveness of your microsite can be measured by analytics – whether that’s by using an in-house system or public one, such as Google Analytics.  Without this level of insight, how can you measure success?  How can you measure the effectiveness of your campaign?  How can you accurately determine your microsite ROI?  It’s not acceptable in 2015 to make-do with a microsite which doesn’t provide these metrics.

Security is a big deal for event organisers, as delegates submit data, their concerns revolve around the protection of this information and how risk can be mitigated.  SSL certificates are often associated with online payment transactions and government institutions – but ultimately – if you’re accepting third-party data, irrespective of whether it’s identifiable information or not, should be encrypted to modern day standards, which are normally facilitated with a 2048-bit certificate available from your host or developer.

HTML emails

Email marketing is nothing new.  It’s something we’ve all been on the receiving and sending side of, but there is a huge void between a successful campaign and a run of the mill campaign, which can have a huge impact on your event down the line.

The fantastic bonus with HTML email marketing is flexibility – you can customise everything from layouts, branding and content to include rich media such as videos and really make your product stand out from the rest.  Things that HTML email campaigns can be useful for at your event:

  • Auto-replies – it’s often nice to let a user know their registration has gone through so there is no element of doubt.
  • Reminders – has a user completed their registration or did they leave some incomplete?  Do you need anything extra from an attendee or group of attendees?
  • Event information – whether it’s a friendly reminder of venue information or directions, it can be a nice touch to add so all attendees have the necessary information.
  • Post event communication – when done right, very effective.  Thank you for attending or a sorry you couldn’t make it can be used as a catalyst to obtain feedback and boost your completion rates.  Always ensure you never thank an attendee who didn’t make it – it happened to us once and didn’t make us feel valued at all.

Native app event registration

With the boom of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) events, the inclusion of a mobile event app is rising.  For exhibition style events, this means their official event app can be used to obtain required attendee information and then immediately grant them access into the event conversation.

Although this solution is great for open-door events where anybody can register/attend, it’s not always the best or most secure solution for an internal conference where the app may have sensitive business information on it, that the general public shouldn’t have access to – which means you should look at a microsite solution that can integrate with your native application to provide you with that security of a closed-circuit for your mobile event app content.


Whatever you decide to choose, your event registration choice requires a great deal of thought as it’s the foundation to your event; providing attendees with their first look at your event, which in turn will set the scene in their mind’s of what to expect when the big day comes around.  Event Pulse offers 2048-bit encrypted event registration microsites on our secure linux hosting platforms – complete with analytics system, download centre and cross-solution integration with our mobile event app solutions and more!  We’ve invested our expertise into creating innovative technologies that’s primary purpose is to free up your time to concentrate on running your event, as opposed to getting bogged down with the logistics of things.